Guide to attend Ultra Europe

Guide to attend Ultra Europe, one of the biggest festivals of the Ultra Music Festival brand in Croatia.

After visiting Ultra Miami in 2017 and 2022, we finally needed to attend Ultra Europe. Based in Split, it's one of Ultra Worldwide's star events, considered by many to be the next biggest after Ultra Miami. It used to be held on the Hadjuk Split arena, but it ended up being moved to Park Mladezi. With its dates normally in the second week of July, in this last edition it had artists like Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Tiësto or Alesso.

Croatia as such is a highly recommended country to visit. Furthermore, a part of the Ultra Croatia aftermovie always shows several minutes over the city of Split. Get to know the historic center, climb the Klis fortress (more specifically for Game of Thrones fans), even visit the surrounding islands and towns.



Ultra Europe isn't a festival that sells out quickly, so this shouldn't be a problem. It's a fairly large venue so the capacity is quite large. Of course, you must take into account the phases of tickets that will be sold out until reaching the last one and the price of them increases considerably. Tickets for its next edition are now available, offering various options on your website.

  • 3-day Ticket: The general ticket to use. It's currently at 149 euros. Possibly it will increase in price since it's only Tier 1. You can contract a plan in 3 months, but you'll pay 29 euros more for it. Finally you can buy 6 tickets for the price of 5 with the Passport Pack.
  • VIP ticket: You can buy both the 3-day ticket at the price of 369 euros and the one-day ticket at 150 euros. You'll have access to the VIP area that you can find on one side of the mainstage.
  • Beachville Camping Combo: Ultra Europe gives the possibility to combine the Ultra experience with your own campsite. You can stay 3, 4 and even 5 days at the price of 199, 219 and 239 euros respectively. The entrance is included in the price.
  • Boat Parties: Currently unannounced, you can attend between July 6 and 9 at the price of €55.


Perhaps the biggest problem of going to an event in Croatia. Flights are usually expensive, although depending on what day you fly it may be cheaper. During Ultra week, the best price was on wednesday, so we decided to spend 2 days in both Split and Kastela before the festival. The prices dropped more than 100 euros only for that flight. Even so, the price is between about 250 – 300 euros round trip. We traveled with Vuelling and there was no problem.

A little trick. If your availability is small and it only allows you to fly the day before, you can go to Zagreb and from there, either by plane, car or bus, move to Split. It's usually cheaper than Split but against it, you'll have much fewer flights available.



One of the biggest doubts to attend the festival. If you've the option of getting cheap accommodation in Split, it's the most recommended, but as time goes by, it's more difficult to find it. These are the options that we can find:

  • Purchase the Beachville Combo.
  • Find luck in Split. You must do it months in advance to find the most profitable price possible.
  • Stay in Kastela, as we were talking before. There is a bus that runs from Split to Kastela and back 24 hours a day at a price of 1,50 euros. The frequency changes at certain times of the day but is fairly constant. In addition, the bus station is less than 5 minutes from the festival. The 3 days we arrived at the first bus that left after finishing the festival.
Resistance at Ultra Europe 2022


Access to the festival is very simple. Whether you're staying near the festival or coming from another city, the venue is next to the bus station. It's only 5 minutes. Access to the festival is signposted on each of the fences that surround the festival. Days before Ultra Europe is in charge of sending an email where you can exchange your ticket for the bracelet to access the festival. In case you don't do it the day before, at the same entrance you've several places to do it.

Mainstage at Ultra Europe 2022

- TIPS -

  1. Exchange your bracelet before the start of the festival, you'll avoid long queues when you arrive and you'll access more quickly.
  2. Avoid drug use, since there are several controls before entering the festival. It was a rather curious and fun moment, since a policeman dressed in Ronaldinho's shirt approached us to check that we weren't wearing anything. Obviously, we had no problem getting in.
  3. Remember to exchange money before going to Croatia, since it has its own currency. In these cases, we always used the Revolut, but it had problems adding tokens to it. Any expense you make with your credit card will have a small commission.
  4. There are a lot of bars and food trucks throughout the festival, so you'll have no problem ordering. Unlike the bathrooms, which with the passing of the night have quite a queue.

Check our chronicle of the festival for more information regarding the artists who attended the last edition and Don't hesitate to ask us any questions you've through social networks. We'll update it with all the news!

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