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Who has not dreamed of traveling to Japan sometime in his life? Spectacular urban and natural landscapes and a culture totally different from what we are used to in Europe. Visit the Mount Fuji, go through the famous shibuya crossing, move through the bullet train by Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo... and what we are going to visit Odaiba, One venues where the Olympic Games will be held this 2020 and the place where it is celebrated ultra japan.

Let's talk about the flights. Travel to Japan is usually around 600 euros, normally one of the 2 stopover routes. Flights direct could go from 800 euros, so perhaps making a stopover on one of the routes is more than recommended, since you could afford the entrance to the event and part of the accommodation thanks to it. Right now for Iberia you could find direct round trip by 810 euros. You must be careful, as soon it will be the Olympic Games and it is very possible that prices will increase, in addition to the accommodations. Despite being the month after, many people will take the opportunity to enjoy the Asian continent in the coming days or weeks.

ultra japan It is located in Odaiba, an artificial island in Tokyo Bay. How to stay in Tokyo? You can guide yourself through the Ultra access map that we will show you later. You will find how far away each place is. We stayed in Tsukiji, in a flat about 40 minutes from the festival for 699 euros for 6 nights. A fairly affordable price and more if you are a large number of people. Ueno o Asakusa they are also a good option to stay, while Shibuya, Ginza o Shiodome they are the opposite. Another option could be to use capsule hotels, where you can sleep for a few 20-30 euros / night and even for a certain time.

Regarding the Tickets, follows the same order as the other Ultra. It starts with the Tier 1, and from there he surpasses runs until he reaches the sold out. The first print run is around 215 euros and it goes up progressively as runs run out. Do not worry if we only receive a confirmation email, since tickets arrive within 10 days of the event with a QR code that we will show as soon as you enter the festival. This will be exchanged for the typical fabric bracelet. Eye! If you are under 20 years old, you will not be able to enter the festival, since it is one of the requirements to be able to attend.

How to get to Ultra Japan? The same organization gives us everything done through this image. It really is more complicated than we can observe, since there is hardly any signage. We recommend you guide yourself through the shopping center that you can see on the map and the walkway that leads to the event. Once you cross the catwalk, you will find all the signage of the event.

Regarding the form of payment of the means of transport, If it is a train, you will have to get a pass to be able to access, either for a trip or for a day. You must bear in mind that it is more profitable for you. Remember that if you are only going to use one line, you should only take the pass for that line, and not the one that includes all of them, since it is more expensive. The single trip is around 240 yen, the one-day pass with a line 600-700 and the one that includes all around about 1000. If it is a bus, the price is the same, only you will have to pay it in the same coach.

Ultra Japan starts at 11:00 and ends at 21:00, a schedule more than similar to the one usually followed by all events on the continent. The sets are shorter when the event begins, until the appearance of the headlinerswhere the vast majority arrive at 1: 30-35 of set. Advantage or disadvantage? It all depends on your tastes, since being able to see one of your favorite DJs for more than an hour is quite complex at many festivals.

Before entering the enclosure, you will find the information booths and lockers. A great idea to have the lockers outside, since in case something is not allowed, you will not have the need to abandon it or throw it away. Once inside, on the right is the merchandising, where you can buy all the memories you want from the event. Up front, we meet him Ultra photocall where you can take your picture making the famous «U» and with the Ultra Park Stage, where the regional djs will perform. Behind this stage you will have the rest area and to your left, in addition to several food stalls, the Ultra's waste reduction zone. Every day the organization is more committed to the environment and carries out plans to reduce pollution on the planet.

To access the main stageYou have to follow the signs posted on each of the fences of the event, very well signposted by the way. It is the largest area of ​​the enclosure, where, on your left, you will find the VIP area and on the right the bathrooms. Positively highlight services, where at no time were there crowds due to the number of portable toilets that there were. Surrounding the front of the mainstage you will find several beverage stands, where the form of payment is both cash and credit card.

Now is the time to enjoy the number 1 festival in Japan. A spectacular venue, which reminded us of Bayfront Park (saving the distances, of course) by the surrounding buildings and the train track through which they traveled over and over again. Enjoy the chameleon Kayzo, of the return of Dash Berlin or the much acclaimed in the Asian continent Afrojack. An experience that you will only find in Asia, where the culture has no resemblance to Europe and where you will see how many people become "Ultranaut" for 2 more days. And you, do you want to be? Visit website from Ultra Japan to stay on top of all updates.

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