Guide to attend Ultra Miami

Guide to attend one of the most important events in the history of electronic music: Ultra Miami at Bayfront Park.

Let's go back many years. It all starts between friends. Accustomed to listening to music on YouTube, we decided to change and search related. At that moment, a looping video called RELIVE ULTRA MIAMI 2012 (Official Aftermovie). We didn't know what the festival was and its location, so we clicked on it.

At first we only listened to the audio, until the moment you hear 'Spaceman', 'Ladi Dadi', 'Superlove'… and you're forced to watch the video. We were so used to seeing videos of festivals in Europe that such a different video, in a few years, would mark one of the best experiences of our lives. "One day we'll go to this festival" we said between laughs, knowing that at that moment it was practically impossible for us. Nowadays, it's our 4th edition there and very possibly, our 5th time will coincide with its 25th anniversary.


Ultra 2025 will take place during the days March 28 - 30 at Bayfront Park. Tickets don't usually sell out until a week or two before the festival, but being the 25th anniversary, it's very likely that they will sell out sooner than expected. It goes in phases and the first phase always runs out shortly after opening. There are usually no problems to get it, yes, you've to stay tuned. As for the price, ticket is cheaper than what the dollars mark when converted to the euro, but you'll have a problem, taxes and shipping will raise you 100 dollars plus the price. The average ticket price is around 450-550 euros. You'll receive the ticket weeks before the start of the festival, with a code on the back to activate it. You must do it immediately, since if you don't, you won't be able to access the festival.

Once the attendance to the festival is confirmed with the ticket, we'll look for which airline to fly with. In this edition, we travel with Air Europa, but you can also find direct flights with Iberia at a price of 400-450 euros without adding checked baggage. It's not really necessary to check in, it's enough to have a sweatshirt, some long pants in case you want to go to an after-party and a raincoat in case it rains at the festival, in addition to the typical summer clothing.

Example of an Ultra bracelet, in this case, 2022.


Once the tickets and the flight were purchased, one step remained: the accommodation. If you want to find an apartment near the Ultra site, the most affordable would be Airbnb, but keep in mind that it won't be cheap if you decide to wait for the last days. On the other hand, if your idea is to attend Ultra and as many events as possible, we recommend a hostel, since you'll only go to sleep. There is no average price since everything depends on the location. The closer you're to Bayfront Park, the more expensive it will be.


· Visa: In order to enter the US you'll need to obtain a travel authorization called ESTA. you can fill it here. Normally they usually confirm in 24-48 hours. You must always travel with your passport, DNI won't allow you to fly.

· Health insurance: Unlike Spain, where health is public, in countries like the US we will be unprotected against all kinds of mishaps, so health insurance is recommended. We take out the Estandar option through the page of IATI Seguros. It's quite cheap and covers a maximum of 300.000 euros.


Now yes, it's time to land in Miami. During the week of Ultra Miami, everything is focused on the Miami Music Week. Pool parties, late night parties, closed DJ events and even outside of the musical field you can attend an NBA game, visit the Everglades or attend the Universal parks in Orlando. Keep in mind that some parties will be +21 (this is the age of majority established in the US) and others +18, so if you are of legal age just turned in Spain, you will only have access to a certain type of events.

(via Ultra)

And now, Ultra Miami. Really, it's inexplicable what you feel at a festival like this. Bayfront Park is a great place to build a festival on. Make a difference over other festivals. By day, by night, it didn't matter, it's equally surprising. This festival, this city… convey a different feeling. Such is, that the stage itself is capable of improving a dj's set. During the last years many artists have chosen Ultra as the place to retire, return or even make their set more exclusive. The biggest example could be Swedish House Mafia or Hardwell, who have resumed their musical career here.

Regarding the secondary stages, each one has its function. Most hosts are located in UMF Radio, as has been the case this past year with Dirty Workz, Purified Records or Ophelia Records. Techno is divided between Megastructure, headed by Carl Cox, and RESISTANCE. Live Stage offers the most exclusive live performances and Ultra Worldwide every year hosts the full variety of musical genres with a multitude of established or growing artists.

(via Alive Coverage)

- TIPS -

  • First and most important tip, don't let alcohol or drugs prevent you from enjoying a magnificent experience. Enjoy without excesses to be able to remember what you'll possibly discuss with your friends for years. Respect each person at the festival and help them in case they're not well.
  • If you want to access with a backpack, it should be transparent. You will find both in the merchandising, and in any store outside the festival.
  • Regarding the bathrooms, always try to go to the furthest from the mainstage. The ones closest to UMF Radio are the most affordable since they usually have fewer people than other stages. This year they have been improved, being booths and not the typical portable toilets. As for drinks, camelbags are allowed, which you can refill for free at various stations throughout the festival. If you buy, prices range from $5 for water, $6 for Red Bull, $14-15 for a beer to approximately $18-19 for a cocktail. Regarding food, you have several food trucks throughout the festival.
  • Don't wait to enter, especially the first day since it starts later. Like you, many people want to enter and queues are quite long to gain access. Plan each of the sets you want to see and use applications such as Ultra or Clashfinder to be able to organize yourself better.
  • Not just for Ultra Miami, for all festivals. Wear pants, either with zippers or with a pocket that is not very wide to prevent theft. Multiple robberies take place at each festival and you surely want to keep all those memories that you have recorded during those days.
  • Investigate all transportation options after Ultra is over. In case you are staying far from the festival and after 12 hours non-stop at the festival, your last option will be to walk. Uber is possibly collapsed due to the multitude of requests received, so the subway (free in this edition) or walking 1 or 2 kilometers to request an Uber are the most recommended options. In this latest edition we walked to a bar called 'The Wharf' where we quickly found a driver.
  • If you don't have roaming, get a SIM card. Internet is increasingly necessary, more specifically in a festival that welcomes 70.000 people, so you will need to communicate in case you or any of your colleagues are lost. Currently at T-Mobile you will find cards with unlimited data for 30 days for more or less 60 euros. If you have an iPhone, and it is compatible, we fully recommend hiring an eSIM with HelloFly, since it's quite cheap.

In short, try it! Never be left wanting. No matter how far you're, no matter how many hours of flight, apply the typical phrase of «You have to enjoy it at least once in your life». I'd love that thanks to this post, you can tell from the experience of having attended Ultra Miami for the first time. We leave you with this short video of what Ultra 2024 was.

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