Guide to attend Zamna Festival

Guide to attend Zamna Festival, one of the most impressive and thematic experiences of underground music.

Attend Zamnah Festival it is one of the goals of any fan of underground music. Unique and unmatched, it differentiates it from the rest due to its location: Tulum. It is an event completely thematic and located in the middle of nature. It is located in the Caribbean coast of Mexico, specifically in the Yucatan peninsula. Zamna Tulum currently occupies 11 hectares of extension, located in the middle of the jungle and also has a cenote. Artists of the stature of Paul Kalkbrenner, Black Coffee, Tale Of Us, Diplo, Damian Lazarus, Adam Beyer or Charlotte De Witte they are common at this event.

The decoration, one of the strengths of Zamna Festival.

Normally, their dates are located early january, becoming the true epicenter of underground music during the first bars of the year. Due to the pandemic that originated from the appearance of COVID-19, they have had to move their dates, held in 2021 between the months of March and May. By 2022, they have returned to original dates, from the day December 31 to January 9.

Let's talk about the flights. To get to Tulum, you must previously fly to Cancun. Months in advance, the Direct flight from Spain would cost € 400 approximately. As we talked about before, the pandemic made it difficult to travel between countries, even between cities in the same country, so we bought the tickets a month before. Flying from Madrid, the flight cost us € 600. In case of saving the trip, you can buy it cheaper flying with stopovers. To move to Tulum, you have between 2 hours or 2 and a half hours, having buses to move for prices between 3 and 20 euros the cheapest.

Aerial image of the Island stage of Zamna Festival.

To stay, you have many options. You can stay in the village or in the Tulum hotel zone. The latter is found 10 minutes from town and it is oriented to the beach. Prices are between € 40/50 per night in the cheapest pensions or apartments, up to around € 150 and even € 600 a night in higher-level hotels. Even if you don't stay in them, you can go visit the building and buy one Cover, an entry in which we add up all the money spent on them, so that at the end of your visit, you pay the total in a single operation. In fact, if you acquire this card and enter in the morning, you will be able to attend the party in the hotel club totally free.

If you are looking for something cheaper, in the town you can find several quite cheap accommodation through Booking or Airbnb. We recommend staying in the center of Tulum, since you can walk anywhere you want to visit. Despite this, you have buses that connect each of the points of the town. You can get around by bike, but since there is only one road, traffic jams are common. As an addition, you have weather vane to be able to stay, although if your priority is to attend the festival, the disadvantages are greater than the advantages, since it is far from the center and is more expensive.

La Veleta, luxury accommodation to enjoy your stay in Tulum.

As for the tickets, you must be aware of social networks and their website to be on the lookout for all new events. The first ticket sale is usually around € 80, the second € 120 and in some cases they reach € 200. In addition, you must add the charges of the ticketera and the fees. At first glance, it could be expensive, but the experience of living such an event is totally profitable. As it is not an excessively high capacity, it is not a surprise that it marks "sold out" in a short time. They usually start to report late August or early September, as long as it is held in January.

Zamna is located 4 km from Tulum, in the direction of the jungle. Preferably you should rent a motorcycle instead of a car, since communication is easier on 2 wheels than on 4, due to traffic jams on the roads and the difficulty of parking. There are not only parties at Zamna Music Festival, but also in hotels, therefore, We do not recommend driving to the event.

Regarding taxis, they are excessively expensive, because communication from the festival to your residence is null at those hours unless you have your own vehicle. As a last option, you can walk, as long as your residence is not far away and thus be able to recall with your companions the experience you have lived. Our recommendation is that you rent a motorcycle during the days you are staying there. The price is around € 20 / day. You can also get on an unofficial VAN, much cheaper than any of these options. For less than one euro, travel from downtown Tulum to the last hotel on the beach, being able to get off whenever you want, there is no fixed stop. It is only in operation until 23:00.

Capture of the stage of the Afterlife party, completely surrounded by greenery.

Once you arrive at the venue, the surprise is great. Fully decorated, the theme is the good vibes and the explosiveness of nature. Markets with garments perfectly related to what the festival transmits. Flat hats, half layers ... very clothes "Tuluminati". We attended Marco Carola on April 2, which only had one stage. A unique and unrepeatable experience that we tell you through this chronicle. In other parties, they include both 2 and even 3 stages. You can enjoy different cocktails for an average price of € 10 and beers at 7 or 8 euros, in addition to traditional food at various stands within the event.

Unor of various shop windows that we can find within the festival.

If you still want to party more, in Playa paraiso, you can enjoy several Beach Clubs in the hotels, including some for free. A way to end your vacation in Tulum making the most of your time. Finally, if you want to know Tulum in depth, through the hotels you can sign up for many tourist activities. This has been it! If after reading this guide, you still have questions about how to attend, you can ask us through our social networks. See you at the next Zamna Festival!