Headhunterz & JDX surpass each other in "Transcendence"

Headhunterz & JDX present Qlimax The Source's third song called "Transcendence" via Q-dance Records.

Having the responsibility of presenting an Anthem at such a prestigious event is not at the height of many artists. One of the biggest and most important events of the brand Q-danceit's Qlimax. And the past November 28th paid tribute to the event for 20 years in an audiovisual trip, called The Source.

Divided into six chapters, the artists chosen for this experience produced exclusive music for the event. With the official launch of the first two chapters in Q-dance Records. From Sub Zero Project y Phuture Noize en enter the realm y A New World, respectively. We enter the knot of the audiovisual journey with «Transcendence«.

Two artists, two Hardstyle legends called Headhunterz & JDX. Together they come together for the third chapter and production under the name of «Transcendence«. With a mask covering their faces and playing on a double grand piano as if they were one person. Both are in charge, through sharp melodies, of giving life to a dance between a man and a woman around mirrors. Reflecting in the mirror that they will turn to dust, not having a place to belong, because in the end we all end up dissolving.

In a dramatic context they both manage to meet to fight to get out of that reflection and achieve their dreams. Having therefore a great transcendence through dance and hardstyle by Headhunterz & JDX marked, releasing one of them from the mask. In an uninterrupted melody that will give way to darkness, between two artists with experience in producing Anthems and in a comeback with new and better sounds.

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