Headhunterz, Sephyx and Carola "Defend The Hard" together

The long-awaited collab between Headhunterz, Sephyx and Carola called "Defend The Hard" is out now on Art of Creation.

Defend The Hard is finally here. From that photo of Headhunterz, Sephyx and Carola months ago, we were looking forward to the masterpiece that could come out of these 3 artists. On the one hand, it's the first release of Headhunterz so far in 2021. Many are the months that we haven't had new music from Heady, but he has presented several IDs in each of his sets in the last few months. Both his like The Hunter, as Project One.


Sephyx meanwhile, he has been the great shaker of the label for the past few months. The rate of releases (and quality) has been very high. Both on art of creation, as on Q-dance Records with Blackened Heart, his latest release and also expected from his set of Defqon.1 at Home. Surely it's one of his most special collabs, since a strong friendship joins Headhunterz and it would be his first collaboration together. By last Carola continues to collaborate with the main artists of the genre. Fits in anystyle. Has collaborated with E Force, Deadly Guns, Hard Driver, JNXD including Sephyx himself via Basscon Records.


The reality is that it's an authentic work of art. An intro that we were completely unaware of after listening to it live at festivals like Electric Love Boutique Edition or Headhunterz at the Beach, preceded by the majestic voice of Carola. After the intro, it's what we have experienced during the last months. Sephyx and Headhunterz, one on each side, copying their movements to the smallest detail and presenting it together (despite perform alone, it was common to see them both presenting the song).

Finally, we can already enjoy Defend The Hard both Spotify, as soon in the channel art of creation. Just 2 months from the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100, it may be one of the songs that will reach the highest positions in the ranking. Voting will be available soon!

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