Headphone Activist releases his long-awaited "Audio Oasis" album

Headphone Activist releases his long-awaited album called "Audio Oasis" consisting of a total of ten productions through SSKWAN.

Ten consecutive weeks and the most anticipated moment finally arrives with the release of the long-awaited album. We talk about Headphone Activist and his album Sound Oasis composed of a total of ten productions. The producer made his first appearance on the record label of Liquid Stranger SSKWAN at the end of March to start this journey.

An album following a concept of ambient sound, lo-fi and chill out, completely winning over the public every week. The first song was A Day Late and each week a song from the album was going to be released until reaching ten productions. Later arrived League of Legends, Snow on the Rhodes and Aphex until June XNUMX, XNUMX, thus releasing the full album.

Every week it was a new world and this was demonstrated as in the fifth production called Demarco. In this it establishes a more intimate and serene sound, in the form of finding peace with yourself while listening to it. The sixth production Foggy Morning is the dawn of a new day and knowing that something has radically changed in your life and has greatly influenced the way you see things. The soundscape it creates is so natural that you come to perceive it as if you were living it. If the previous one was like an awakening, Moldavite It is when you begin to realize and become aware of everything, maintaining an optimistic harmony.

Days and days, like every week in one's life can be chaos or joy, in this comes Rainy Days. Getting to find the beauty in rainy days and personify them through ambient sound and landscapes inspired by these days. After the rain comes Florence, being the longest and most complex production of Sound Oasis. Transmit the warmest feelings through this song in different scenarios that your life can have on a daily basis. The journey ends with Astronomy just as if you were seeing the stars or even flying from what your mind is capable of imagining.

An inspiring ten week journey to find well-being through music and to stop with ourselves from time to time. You can listen to the full album Audio Oasis from the producer Headphone Activist through SSKWAN on all platforms.

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