Heimanu Releases "Atrea" On NIGHTMODE Records

Heimanu launches one of his massive unpublished productions that he keeps, on NIGHTMODE Records, called "Atrea".

One of the emerging producers with the greatest future projection is Heimanu. The Australian artist has fallen in love with the public with his sound, which he calls it «NuRave«, The sound of our future. It focuses on euphoric structures and melodic drops alongside dark lows. The producer wants to represent the feeling that has been taken from you in this world, showing you the way to the future, which is NuRave.

The artist has released through sable valley, the Label of R. L. Grime, participating in Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1 with his production called Worlds. Recently in the new Label of Hex Cougar, Alter / Ego in which he participated in Vol. 1 debut with his production Nerva.

He was present on one of the key dates of the year, during RL Grime Halloween IX, last 29 de October with his Set featuring NuRave. Heimanu performed practically a Original Set, with 95% of his music and 90% of unreleased music. Before more than 5.000 spectators on one of the most important days of the year, the artist demonstrated the quality he possesses. Now Heimanu re-enters the scene with a new release, which he showed during his Halloween IX Set, called Atrea.

In this new production of Heimanu solo with a female vocal shows us exactly what the artist wants to convey through his music. A melody emotional and at the same time heartbreaking with a short piano introduction, coupled with a vocal y lyric of suffering. Represents a feeling of distress y pain, a dark drop, conveying the meaning, not the harshness of the sound.

This is just the beginning of Heimanu, the beginning of 'NuRave'and you are welcome, the sound of our future.

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