"Who Is HEYZ"… HEYZ's Debut EP on Deadbeats

HEYZ returns to the Zeds Dead Deadbeats record label for the release of his debut EP "Who Is Heyz" comprised of five songs.

Every day, week and month, new artists appear with incredible talent in production, but few of them have the opportunity to take the big leap. One of the record labels par excellence and for which many producers dream of having a release, is for Deadbeats of Zeds Dead. This week, one of the thousands of musicians that exist in the electronic music industry, once again has an incredible opportunity in Deadbeats; throwing HEYZhis debut EP called Who is heyz.

Who is HEYZ... HEYZ is an American DJ and producer, hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina. At an early age he began to show love and passion for music, with a peculiar peculiarity; a natural ability to play instruments without training. During adolescence his main interest was music, he did not start writing music until he was twenty years old.

After obtaining a copy of Logic Pro X, his talent for production progressed rapidly. In a few months, the famous label of deadmau5, mau5trap, he noticed his sound. After signing with mau5trap and throw Odyssey & Nice, HEYZ released his debut EP, Schedule 1, in February 2018.

As HEYZ growing up as an artist, his sound design deviated from Techno to a heavier bass form with an emphasis on strong vocals. Since then, the world of Bass music has welcomed HEYZ with open arms as he threw Schedule 4, Human 404, Lion's cage o Just Friends in major record labels such as Bite This!, Circus Records & deadbeats.

In 2020, the comic personality of HEYZ it flourished to amassing more than 300.000 followers on Tiktok. The artist continues his progress with the release of his debut EP on deadbeats.

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The DJ and producer presents five productions through this new EP, two of which have been heard before. These two in particular are Just Friends next to the wonderful voice of the singer-songwriter Taylor ravenna, reaching today numbers of spectacular streams. The second production that has also been heard before the EP has been this year, with Body Language, collaborating with darkDARK. In this production he creates a totally dark, cold and sinister atmosphere, becoming creepy and, at the same time, attractive.

Therefore, he adds three new productions for his debut EP and the first of all is Anyway. Bringing each of the songs that make up this body to life, he extends the creative version in an emo punk character format. A happy song with challenging sensations, in turn with emotional vocals, in which distortion radiates between strong pressures. On fleeting the character concept is an old school raver from the 90s, wanting to highlight the funny personality of the producer. Who Is HEYZ, this question answers itself while listening to each of the songs that make up the EP.

The last production to culminate with the five is wildheart, symbolizing a cowboy, taking the reins. Maintains power as well as constant tension and heavy bass lines. He has sensibilities in which, at various points, the vigorous and fiery style does not cease from beginning to end.

Who Is HEYZ EP Who Is HEYZ EP is very important to him. He came to the record label and with the music that he loves, along with a brand that he finds a lot of fun to publish. He himself clarifies that in the world of electronic music you see many "mysterious" artists, whether they do not reveal their faces, they are a marshmallow or a kind of robot lord from the dark underworld. He thought about doing all those kinds of things, but what finally worked was that I was literally acting like a fool. Looking at the hundreds of comments he received on TikTok every day, people said "I make their day" or "I cure their depression" ... That makes them very happy. He can't wait for what the future holds and keep making people smile.

A project with a lot of background and which, in turn, together with music, shows what a person is capable of contributing to this world. It is not only music, it is also who creates it and who is behind that person ... If you still don't know who he is, you can listen Who Is HEYZ, now available on the record label of Zeds Dead, deadbeats, and on all platforms.

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