Hydraulix reveals debut album 'Imposter Syndrome' on WAKAAN

Hydraulix releases his highly anticipated debut album called "Imposter Syndrome" comprised of a total of twenty productions on WAKAAN.

One of the most anticipated projects of the year lands on the record label of Liquid Stranger, to establish itself as one of the best of 2021. The dj and producer known professionally as Hydraulix, catches all eyes after revealing his long-awaited debut album called imposter syndrome through WAKAAN.

Hydraulix is no stranger to WAKAAN, the renowned discography of Liquid Stranger. After the release of Space Cadet EP in 2019, his official record label debut, he became a fixture. He has produced groundbreaking songs like Let Em Drip, and taking first places in numerous acquisitions of festival venues from WAKAAN.

In early 2020, he was touring the United States, before the global pandemic. Forced to return to his hometown of Melbourne already a strict blockade, the adrenaline that came from the fast-paced lifestyle, descended rapidly. However, he has been able to see light when all was dark, and the result has been the debut album called imposter syndrome.

Hydraulix, Imposter Syndrome, WAKAAN

The full-length album is a masterpiece composed of a total of twenty musical pieces with designs that surpass one after another. He started this journey by surprising all fans with the release of Waratah, in collaboration with Nitti Gritti, showing a roller coaster of emotions. He continued to show what he was capable of later cooperating with a lot in the song Another Minute, as well as with Jasiah in the production Concrete. Impressing everyone with Wish I'd Never Met You with Veronica Bravo, he did it again with Doctor P. releasing the piece Wrench.

One thing he has always struggled with Hydraulixis with the feeling of not knowing what he was doing most of the time or of not deserving his success and achievements. With time to reflect on his career, he encountered an emotional epiphany that doubled as the main inspiration for the debut album. When arrived COVID-19 last year, everything changed for him; his tour of the United States broke off and returned home, Australia, and was left in confinement.

After facing reality, he realized that he had been dealing with a case of imposter syndrome for a long time. It was a tough time and I wanted to push myself to create something that would really test him and his production skills. The concept of Imposter syndrome is really blew him away, and he knew it would be a fitting title for the album.


Open the album with Syndrome starting to inject different types of sound design over the course of four minutes, like an introduction like no other. Continuing with the sinister and contagious auras of Concrete with Jasiah. Continuing with Smokin ', Power Up & ridgy, involving wavehi & Edris ali, as well as Charlie McMahon. In sixth place is the collaboration with Nitti Gritti, for the amazing production Waratah.

imposter syndrome is made up of hard-hitting lows, uncompromising lows, euphoric highs, and new sounds and collaborations that watch out for Hydraulix out of his comfort zone. The productions are complemented by the raw and stripped version of Hip-Hop and Bass, in songs like 4Real, Dream, Bodies Drop, We come alive & System malfunction. Recruit the artists indysauce, DJ Afterthought, wifisfuneral, G-Rex & INF Akai, for the elaboration of all of them.

One of the songs that has surprised the most of imposter syndrome, and showing a single side is Wish I'd Never Met You with the singer-songwriter Veronica Bravo. The pulsations keep burning with Radar, in collaboration with jaswed, as well as in Take control. The debut album reflects a personal challenge and shows it also in GOAT & Mind Over Matter, cooperating with P-Money & trippythatkid, respectively. Culminating in memorable soundscapes like Bone Crusher with Oski, the colaboration Wrench with Doctor P., the brand new song Break Em Down and putting the full stop with a lot en Another Minute.

Hydraulix, Imposter Syndrome, WAKAAN, Liquid Stranger

Hydraulix feels that everyone who does something creative may at some point suffer from imposter syndrome. It is such a common feeling that he has shared with many people: Thinking and analyzing too much can lead to feelings of doubt about your abilities or ideas. He is proud of how he has come together imposter syndrome, and he will always be grateful for the people who have supported, pushed and inspired him to continue growing as an artist and as a person.

Hard to believe that imposter syndrome be the debut album of Hydraulix given its impeccable structure. His most complete work to date, imposter syndrome positions Hydraulix as a leader who is no longer limited to bass music. He is ready to take over all facets of music with an upbeat demeanor and an added dose of self-assurance.

Listen to the incredible debut album now on all platforms imposter syndrome by the producer Hydraulix through the record label of Liquid Stranger WAKAAN.

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