if found releases "Good News" with Kyle Reynolds on Heaven Sent

If found makes his debut on SLANDER's Heaven Sent record label with the release of "Good News" with Kyle Reynolds.

One more week we have music sent from above on the record label of SLANDER. In these last appearances, Heaven Sent Records have launched productions like love runs away, Umbra, Where My Heart Goes, Best Part Of Me and many more by emerging artists. They warmly welcome the producer if found for the debut release.

Throughout this year he has produced songs like Love it, Could've Been Us and the extended play YOU composed of three productions. He was also one of the producers who remixed Blindspot de nurko. Now he takes a new leap in his professional career with the support of SLANDER on his record label Heaven Sent releasing his song Good News.

Present the production Good News with the singer-songwriter and producer Kyle Reynolds. Recently the composer has collaborated with gryffin in the song Best Is Yet To Come, plus his last piece called One Day Closer. They form a great team to make their debut in Heaven Sent.

The track opens between textures with elements of nature, as if it were the awakening of a new day. Seconds later they add a note that falls like a drop, capturing the listener's attention from that moment on. They continue with the vocal performance and introduce guitar chords giving that warm aura to what it is to have good news.

You can listen to the new music sent from above called Good News through Heaven Sent Records by if found & Kyle Reynolds.

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