IKEA collaborates with Swedish House Mafia

IKEA teams up with the Swedish House Mafia trio to explore the theme of music and creativity with a collection for September 2022.

When you thought nothing could surprise you Swedish House Mafia appear to be the center of attention, but this time not for a release. Music plays an important role in the home, regardless of whether you are producing, playing or listening to it. It is the connection point and a means to boost creativity, release stress and make the environment feel like home.

More and more people are making music at home, and for many, home is often the place where they begin to explore their creativity. The challenge is that a house is built and designed to meet totally different needs than you have as a music creator.

At IKEA they are eager to find a solution to the problems faced by many music fans. That is why they have partnered with Swedish House Mafia, to explore together how they can allow many creators and music lovers to be more creative at home.

Swedish House Mafia, IKEA

They are very excited and happy to announce the collaboration with Swedish House Mafia. They hope to democratize creativity together, so that more people can be more creative at home, share James Futcher, Product Design Leader at IKEA Sweden.

Swedish House Mafia shares that they both wanted to get out of their comfort zones and create something new and fresh together. They felt strongly the need to collaborate with someone who shared the vision of making it possible for everyone to create music at home. As artists and producers, they also understand the importance of setting up a home studio.

The collection is scheduled to launch in september 2022, with designs to facilitate entry into a creative flow for producing and listening to music. They want to explore how IKEA, together with Swedish House Mafia, make daily life easier for people who listen and create music. This collection will allow people to create the perfect home studio at an affordable price, says James Futcher.

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