ILLENIUM, Dabin & Lights give away "Hearts On Fire"

ILLENIUM, Dabin & Lights give away for Christmas the first collaboration that the fans were waiting for so much called "Hearts On Fire".

There is nothing better than sharing music and this year it has saved thousands of people, possibly more than before. In a Christmas as dark as this 2020 is for many ... ILLENIUM, Dabin & Lights they do their best to give us light with «Hearts On Fire«.

The first collaboration between ILLENIUM y Dabin It was a wish for all the followers of both artists and it was imminent for this day to come. In one of Nick's Streamings on Twitch, when he announced that he had signed on a new label and that he would later release Nightlight. It ensured that collaboration with Dabin he was on his way. After several weeks streaming, while launching Ashes To Ashes Mix 4, Paper Thin and remixes, like the latter by Headhunterz. He mentioned the title of the collaboration with the artist. At the end of November, Dabin published on social networks that a song would be released in December that he had been waiting for a long time. All the followers of both artists went crazy because the dream collaboration was going to arrive.

On December 15, the artists published their logos in flames, illuding the followers that «Hearts On Fire»Was going to launch. The first collaboration between ILLENIUM & Dabin on one of the most symbolic days of the year, together with the artist Lights, for Christmas.

An intro to guitar tearing you apart at each chord, as the voice of Lights by the ropes in a frame of pain. ILLENIUM y Dabin they are experts in making each melody and each song feel thousands of emotions. Making it easy to imagine the scene and the context, as if you were living it. A piece specially produced to raise the internal temperature quickly until it reaches the heart and ends up setting it on fire.

It is not just a song, it is the sound and sentimental experience that the followers have been waiting for years. It is much more than a gift for Christmas, it is having the ability to set fire to thousands of hearts in all parts of the world. Christmas lights will not be seen, they will be seen «Hearts On Fire » and those responsible have been ILLENIUM, Dabin & Lights.

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