ILLENIUM presents Ember Shores, his own festival

ILLENIUM presents his own festival called "Ember Shores" that will take place in Cancun from December 3-5, 2021.

Nick, professionally known as ILLENIUM, is on track to release his fourth studio album Fallen Embers. The latest releases on his new record label will belong to this fourth episode of the American producer's professional career. Since August 2020, the dj and producer has released Nightlight, Paper Thin, Hearts On Fire & First Time. The planned collaborations that the album will have are a real outrage and it will be one of the best electronic music projects for this 2021.

The base fan he have ILLENIUM around the world, not just in the United States, it is to be admired. The producer has built a strong and dedicated fan base for and by his music. Likewise, he also knows how to take care of his and has shown it throughout these years.

ILLENIUM, Ember Shores, Cancun, Mexico

In the last few weeks, when ILLENIUM announced that his album Fallen Embers it was going to arrive in summer; fans wondered if a set that included all the albums would be possible and if it could be on Red Rocks. He don't hesitate for a second to respond to the fan, to which he shared that he would love for that to be possible and for it to actually happen.

By surprise, as is usual in him, through social networks he announced something that would leave all the fans frozen. ILLENIUMannounced his own festival called Ember Shoresto be held in Cancun, Mexico, from 3 to 5 of December of XNUMX. A place of connection where Illenialsfrom all over the world can come together and share mutual love for the artists they admire.

A three-day all-inclusive resort experience Four-Diamond Paradisus Resort in Cancun, Mexico. It will feature three unique Sets of ILLENIUM, multiple Stages, including a Mainstage on the beach, and a lineup specifically selected for Illenials. There will be no shortage of fun and relaxation.

ILLENIUM has always wanted to create an event in which Illenials from all over the world can come together as a community; immerse yourself in an environment with your favorite artists together. His goal with Ember Shores is to create an experience for people to connect with each other and with themselves; through music.

Ember Shores offer exciting, adventurous and cultural off-site activities that include; Trips to Tulum, catamaran expeditions, deep sea fishing, horseback riding and many more. Excursions are optional add-ons and transportation to and from the resort is included. Cancun, Mexico, is a Mexican city on the peninsula of Yucatan that borders the sea Caribbean, with numerous tourist centers and nightlife. It is made up of two distinct areas: the center of the more traditional city, El Centro, and the Hotel Zone; a long stretch of beachfront hotels, nightclubs, shops, and restaurants. Cancun is also a famous destination and will be the perfect host for Ember Shores.

For more information about this incredible experience that will be lived in Mexico, you can access the official website of Ember Shores.


Attendee health and safety is your top priority. As a result of the rapidly changing circumstances surrounding the global pandemic, they will update on possible health and safety procedures closer to the event. Rest assured that the event will comply with all applicable COVID-19 regulations.


All those attending Ember Shores You will receive a free shuttle service to and from the airport! The team will communicate with the user. Ember Shores It is located 15 minutes from Cancun Airport.


The main stage of Ember Shores It is located directly on the beach in front of the Paradisus! Evening shows will be held throughout the resort property Paradisus. There will also be poolside sets, pop-up sets, and other surprises throughout the weekend.


All sales of Ember Shores they are final. In the unlikely event that it is canceled Ember Shores, buyers will receive a full refund within 7 days. In the unlikely event that Ember Shores rescheduled, purchased tickets will be accepted for the new dates. If you are unable to attend in the new time period, you will be issued a refund for your ticket.


Ember Shores offers a selection of packages at the Marriott, located directly next to the Paradisus. Guests of Ember Shores Staying at the Marriot will have full access to the Paradisus Resort; events on the beach and an all-inclusive package. The Marriott is a minute's walk down the beach to the main stage; there is a direct access road between the two complexes.

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