ILLENIUM collaborates for «First Time» with iann dior

ILLENIUM collaborates for the first time with the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter known as iann dior for the launch of "First Time."

Nick, professionally known as ILLENIUM is on track for the launch of the fourth album study of his professional career. Last 11 de February de 2021, the dj and producer published through social networks the photo session for what everyone knew, but it was not official yet, the album. With the launches of Nightlight, Paper Thin y Hearts On Fire, the artist offered multiple clues about the upcoming release.

It all started when on March 2, 2021, ILLENIUM, Dabin, Said The Sky & William Black were going to hold a session with the fans through the new Clubhouse platform. Where friends went to talk with fans about new music, previous releases, next projects and much more. Waiting for it was an open secret but the new collaboration between ILLENIUM & William Black, Nick shared what his next release would be. This would be a new song with the singer-songwriter known as Iann Dior.

Promoting the collaboration in a fun way, thanking the fans for the incredible support they've always had for him, he had a nice gesture. Nick asked a fan if his address was still the same and if he was home. When ILLENIUM & Lara They arrived at the fan's house, he couldn't contain his excitement. Because you handed him a USB with the first 10 seconds of the collaboration with iann dior. Later, it was the turn to deliver the second USB to another fan, following the same procedure until the third USB was delivered. Making a total of 30 seconds divided by the three USB with 10 totally different seconds. Finally ending with 2 USB, hiding it with the Lyrics of the song in Denver.

So far the beautiful part of the story but behind this production there is a background that not everyone has realized. Producers Nick & Rob, professionally known as Lost kings were the responsible artists behind this song and Jutes in the vowels. In addition, they had already presented it in livestreams, as in the Virtual Rave-A-Thon Beyond Wonderland Monterrey at the beginning of the Set.

We had the rights and were given the song. We played it live cuz that was ready to come out next haha. It was sold while we were getting ready to release it. Writer label bullshit.

Lost kings

The lyrics are exactly the same as Lost kings presented, although the version of ILLENIUM have the design that characterizes the producer. The fact is that Nick & Rob were preparing the release when the label sold the song even though the artists had the rights to it. It is still a good song but knowing this leaves a bad taste in your mouth and even more so when you have been sold a song that you were preparing to release. Lost kings They would not have produced this song if they did not have the rights, much less if they had presented it. Too bad this happened to them and they finally chose ILLENIUM for the release.

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