ILLENIUM, Nurko & Valerie Broussard are «Sideways» here with you

ILLENIUM & Nurko release their long-awaited collaboration with Valerie Broussard with "Sideways" through 12Tone Music.

The long-awaited collaboration for months is a reality, thus fulfilling the dream of thousands of listeners. ILLENIUM & Nurko They work together for the first time for the release of surely one of the best songs of the year.

This collaboration arose for the first anniversary of the third album of ILLENIUM, ASCEND. Nick did a Twitch broadcast on August 16, 2020 in honor of his album, to which he was asked if a collaboration with Nurko. Without any pretentiousness, he answered without problems and said that they had not started anything yet. It was quite a declaration of intent for this collaboration to come, because every time Nurko had more followers showing support for them.

When on January XNUMX, XNUMX, they were on an Instagram live ILLENIUM & Dabin, both were asked about their collaborations with Nurko. The two confirmed that the two songs were in progress and the illusion for all the followers was accentuated. It was then that in the Park 'N Rave from MitiS to celebrate Try from his second album Lost, premiered the two collaborations. The Jack Leech Set was possibly one of the most acclaimed of that night, as everyone felt that they were going to hear the songs for the first time. Likewise, it first premiered When This Is Over and minutes later Sideways with ILLENIUM.

In a matter of minutes Sideways it spread through all social networks and ILLENIUM also mentioned the singer-songwriter Valerie Broussard. With the fourth album Fallen Embers en route, it became clear that after First Time the long-awaited collaboration was coming.

ILLENIUM, Nurko, Valerie Broussard, Sideways

The song symbolizes the design of both artists in a single piece together with Valerie to create Sideways. Two artists who are experts in bringing out the emotional side of the listener very easily, opening the track between guitar chords and synthesizers cascading down to the melody. The lyric is the dream come true for the followers who were looking forward to this collaboration, in which despite all the circumstances of staying on the side, you will stay with that person.

Four minutes long divided into two parts, more than enough to make the production one of the best melodic pieces of the year. They keep the build-up next to the vowel in a long time interval on the first drop to hatch this into a long, dramatic and irresistible melody. The second part is a constant tension of the situation, as if you were experiencing those nerves in the first person. Raising the time for the big rise as in the first, adding a more severe melodic cut, before following the same preceding elements. Breaking the schemes for them and putting the world completely aside.

If things continue to be out of place for you this year, you are not the only one, clarify ILLENIUM. The producer is sincere by mentioning that the world is totally on its side and that it is very important to keep the people you love the most close to you. Think he are showing his side more old school in the album Fallen Embers and that he has taken a step back in the songs that compose it. Recalling for it the era of his album Ashes, like when he started producing music.

The singer-songwriter David spekter it is also part of the song even though it is not in the song title, it appears in the credits. Share that it was the first session and song he had when the lockdown began last year. They wanted to get the idea of ​​when everyone is going the wrong way and sideways.

A collaboration desired by all the followers for many months and that is finally a reality. ILLENIUM, Nurko & Valerie Broussard are Sideways here with you.

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