ILLENIUM Makes History at Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas

ILLENIUM makes history at Allegiant Stadium with Trilogy as America's first largest electronic music show.

The wish of thousands of fans has become a reality, thus fulfilling the dream of living that event. Since ILENIUM released his third studio album Ascend, the fans wanted a Show where all three albums could be heard.

There are still many followers who are still trapped in Ashes & Awake, as in Ascend. In fact in Ashes he wanted to do something timeless, creating a bond with the listener and the music forever. The objective has undoubtedly been fulfilled. On the way to a new chapter in his career with Fallen Embers, wants to give those three albums the ending they deserve.

This July 3, 2021 ILENIUM has done his biggest show to date on Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas. A single event where he has played all three of his studio albums Ashes, Awake & Ascend and ending with a preview of Fallen Embers.

A night to remember where you have been able to enjoy the artist's greatest production to date in an epic location. ILENIUM has become the first artist to perform at the Raiders' new home, Allegiant Stadium. The producer's team has spent more than $ 200.000 for the live broadcast to take place at this event.

For ILENIUM putting on a show in a soccer stadium has been one of those dreams that you never imagined could happen. A very unexpected event for a busy weekend, but he himself shared that he lined up perfectly to make this a reality and couldn't pass up the opportunity.

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