Jaenga returns with «Paradigms» EP to WAKAAN

Jaenga makes his return to the record label of Liquid Stranger for the release of "Paradigms" EP with five songs.

One of the most anticipated comebacks since the release of Tell Man What, comes true on the record label of Liquid Stranger. The producer better known as Jaenga, made his debut in 2020 at WAKAAN, collaborating with Conrank and Yizzy, and now makes his return with Paradigms EP.

Jaenga is renowned for hosting some of the biggest names in the electronic scene, attracting the best talent in the industry. He is back with more purity and energy than ever, for the release of his new project.

Paradigms EP, is made up of a total of five productions. Gleaming synths and charming vocals ride on sound waves, opening the EP with Refraction. Nat James, based in Manchester, lends his rap prowess in the next two productions. The two artists attract the attention of all who listen through menacing lyricism and harsh patterns in badda. All of them followed by elongated bass dominance and addictive splicing in How We Do.

Then remove all fears in Don't Worryas the vibrant and wonderful frequencies bounce like there is no tomorrow. Heya Heya closes the EP through a sonic journey through dreamy vocals. Jaenga there was a book about paradigms and how we all see the world in our own unique way. No matter how hard we try, we will never see things objectively, but we can at least learn to communicate in a more effective way to respect the perspective of others, even if we don't fully understand it.

Paradigms is an EP designed for a specific state of mind. It is designed to bring a lot of energy to whatever paradigm you live in. Its purpose is to bring you closer to whatever dream, mission or vision you are pursuing, through the power of the bass. Listen to the return of Jaenga to the record label of Liquid Stranger WAKAAN.

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