JasonRoss, Blanke & Chandler Leighton Shine On "One More Day"

JasonRoss, Blanke & Chandler Leighton launch their long-awaited collaboration and one of the best of the year called "One More Day".

There are songs that have been expected for a long time and if you are here it is because you have waited as long as we have. Ever since DJ and producer Seven Lions presented the song on his Set at The Gorge, everyone wanted it, not needed it. Collaboration by JasonRoss, Blanke & Chandler Leighton.

After that Set it has been a long wait while the collaboration was listened to during the residency of Jason Ross. Later it was also heard when Jason invited Blanke a Atlas and put it too, exciting everyone. The followers of the artists who also maintained, like us, that she was one of the best of the year. For our part, although the launch was not in 2020, it continues to be one of the best productions of the year. And it will be this 2021.

We all thought it was going to be called "Happy Ending" and finally the name of the track was revealed during the Park 'N Rave from The Atlas. When Jason Ross first played the full version of the song. The artists revealed both to us and to our fellow artists. Dancing astronaut, the title of the track, «One More Day«.

What we and the fans of the artists wanted the most was to hear the production at a live event this year. Which Blanke has had the opportunity to do, because he is in Australia doing Mystery Tours. With much expectation after the numerous releases of Ophelia Records, the time was not coming to see when the day would be but we only have to wait three more days ...

The production shows the most emotional and hard side of a relationship, where the artists divide it into three parts. The first-rate piano introduction immerses you in the one-way journey by nothing but the singer-songwriter Chandler Leighton begins to slide. Inducing you in a painful context, not understanding the words and not wanting to cry but you don't want to be alone ... just stay one more day. In the first build-up it is the part not suitable for soft hearts where they bring out the most emotional side. When the song starts to get more pressure and guilt questions do more damage, Jason Ross he intervenes with a melodic and heartbreaking drop. Without leaving aside the darkness of the atmosphere ... so that Blanke step in even harder with very harsh sensitivities of mid-tempo.

In the third part of the track, when you think you are done with the pain, the story continues. Chandler Leighton keep singing as if the deepest part of you has been broken but continue as if we are addicted to pain. With the third drop combining with the first but changing several concepts to culminate with high notes of piano and the chorus of Chandler ... Happy ending for me.

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