Jason Ross & RUNN collaborate again on "Intertwined"

Jason Ross & RUNN collaborate on Ophelia Records' latest release of 2020 on their new production "Intertwined."

This has been a great year of releases on the Seven Lions Record Label, Ophelia Records. With a great variety of new talents and successful productions, they are starting this 2020 with the last song of the year.

Two artists who have deserved it so much this year, Jason Ross & RUNN, strengthen ties. Jason Ross He released his album 1000 Faces earlier this year. He has worked with SLANDER on «Better than Heaven»Or Foolish Of Me with Seven Lions and Crystal Skies. The artist maintains his residence The Atlas on Insomniac TV and prepares for the second season. He has also been commissioned to carry out mix a anjunabeats for 20 years. The artist RUN, has launched its Debut EP «Handle With Care«. He has collaborated with Last Heroes on Love Like Us and with them and Trivecta in waiting for you or with Kompany in «Consequences»And yetep in«Alright«.

In the same way as in "Letting go", they work together again. They are the chosen ones to release the last song of Ophelia Records this year under the name of «intertwined«.

Jason Ross, RUNN, Intertwined, Ophelia Records

They come together to create an emotional and melodic experience, beyond the previous productions made. In a warm and peaceful context such as bonding with someone, that's how it feels when listening to the song. The followers after listening to it during The Atlas could not wait for the arrival of the release. Give off energy and well-being, everything you want with that person close to you.

Jason Ross said: “With every new song I create, I always want to try something new and fresh. 'Intertwined' has a very fun and experimental vibe that blends seamlessly with Runn's emotional vocals and lyrics. It's the kind of combination I always look for in a song. "

The latest release of Ophelia Records this year in which Jason Ross & RUNN collaborate on new sounds with «intertwined«. Available on all digital platforms.

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