JGSW 'Falling' for the third time on AOC: Eternity

Having previously presented "Into Pieces" and "Monster," JGSW presents his third release on Art of Creation: Eternity called "Falling."

Eternity, the sublabel of Art of Creation, his number of releases continues to increase over time. A-RIZE, Last of Us and JGSW were the first members. Weeks ago, Final Day painted the future of the label purple and joined the 3 newcomers. Bootshaus was the connecting link for all of them at Orange Heart. The moment to introduce himself to all the fans of Art of Creation, both they and the main label incorporations. A night that will possibly be difficult for them to forget.


On a day like today JGSW puts one more stone in his future under the release of Falling. It seems like yesterday when he was releasing via X-Bone or Scantraxx Prospexx. His maturation as an artist is practically ready with his third release on Art of Creation: Eternity after Into Pieces & Monster. If we were talking about Monster as a different track to Into Pieces, Falling could be more geared towards Into Pieces. Again, mix styles again, blending them perfectly. Fresh air in the label and above all, a fairly versatile artist when it comes to producing.

Falling is now available on platforms such as Spotify and soon, the video will be available on the Art of Creation channel. Be on the lookout for social networks from JGSW for more info regarding upcoming releases and who knows if more performances together of the artists who are part of the future of the label.

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