"Monster" comes to Art of Creation from the hand of JGSW

Following the release of "Into Pieces", JGSW presents his second release on Art of Creation: Eternity called "Monster".

Art of Creation: Eternity continues to cement the foundations of a new future with a new release. After High and Supernova released by Last of Us, Faith Of The Saint and Overcome The Dark by A RIZE, JGSW complete the second round of releases of the new talents of hardstyle. Following a powerful into pieces, in which he mixes rock and hardstyle in equal parts creating an authentic hit, is back with Monster on Eternity.


He's a "monster." Is being able to adapt to any sound. After mixing several genres in one as he did in into pieces, his new track is oriented to the sound that characterizes Art of Creation so much. Pure melodies integrated within the drop and a vocal presence that invites you to fully enter the song. Go from Scantraxx Prospexx or X-Bone to art of creation is an achievement that very few achieve and that speaks of his dedication and work within the scene.

After performing at Headhunterz At The Beach, Bootshaus will host the majority of the art of creation with Headhunterz and Wildstylez as headliners. JGSW will be part of the line up with Last of Us and A-RIZE , in addition to the last 2 artists added to the main label: Sephyx and Aftershock.

Monster is now available on Spotify, in addition to the YouTube channel of art of creation. JGSW is currently one of the talents with the most projection in the hardstyle scene. If you want to stay informed of his upcoming events or releases, you can follow him both in his social networks as in his Spotify profile.

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