jordnmoody debuts on WAKAAN with "Inhibitions" EP

jordnmoody makes his first stellar appearance, debuting on WAKAAN with a solo compilation known as "Inhibitions" EP.

jordanmoody is a young American producer from Los Angeles (California). He has been making giant strides in electronics for a few years, especially in the world of bass. Important appearances within major labels have led him to where he is today.

Great productions and excellent collaborations have made him the artist he is now. Among the most important we can highlight: ungh or Melee on Acid, both produced solo in 2017; as for newer productions we have Money or even Ku$h; together with wow has launched several collaborations among them we have Brain Melt or a reversal of an old track called FIU 2.0; another important contribution to the scene was FTSU in 2021 together with wreckno & wow again, in addition to Acids thrown through Cyclops Recordings within the magnificent compilation called Planet Cyclops .

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The famous stamp belonging to the Swedish Martin Stääf, better known worldwide as Liquid StrangerHe is clear about the artists he wants in his ranks. Ravenscoon, An-Ten-Nae, Common CreationThey are just some of the artists who have released recent music on their label. The young man jordanmoody It is not very easy for him to overcome the level of those previously named, but seeing and listening to his weekly contribution to WAKAAN, we do not doubt that it will repeat in the future.

This 6 track multi-genre EP is an ode to my truest self. Simply writing for who I am as opposed to trying to fit a mold. Hope they resonate with you as the do for me.


Inhibitions EP It is made up of a total of 6 spectacular themes. NOMADS It is the first to start the EP, with a rather experimental style and calm rhythms to introduce listeners to what is to come. LOST & INFERNO are the following, with a similar structure but with those sounds so characteristic of WAKAAN. In order to be part of this label, you must meet certain requirements and jordanmoody it fulfills them perfectly.

Then the EP continues with COME AROUND. Animating the atmosphere a bit to give rise to the final part of the compilation where we find UKNOWIGOTIT. This piece is one of the most moving on the EP, with somewhat accelerated rhythms compared to the previous ones, showing that the young producer is worth it in any type of style. Finally, it offers us INHIBITIONS, a fresh song to give that final touch to a splendid compilation.

You can now enjoy the new from jordanmoody solo, a complete Inhibitions EP, which has come to light for all listeners through WAKAAN.