Juelz & Pauline Herr show their best «Colours»

Juelz & Pauline Herr are working together to launch their new collaboration under the name "Colours" through Lowly Palace.

Two great artists and friends come together to create a production more than requested by fans. For some time it was playing in the Sets of Pauline Herr a song very different from what was produced before and it was a collaboration. Among the many that the artist has, this was a new one with Juelz, under the name of Colours.

Both are specialists in having a catchy and versatile sound design in equal measure. We are waiting for Pauline Herr release her new extended play on Seeking Blue Records. This year she has made appearances on releases such as Selfish, This Is Gonna Be Hard and the most recent, Dodgeball & Genesis EP. She also made an appearance on the record label of SLANDER Heaven Sent Records for the release of Voices and in Monstercat to Blink & You Will Cry.

Furthermore, Juelz has also made multiple appearances in the seven months leading up to XNUMX. He made his return to the record label of RL Grime Sable Valley for the launch of his collaboration with JAWNS, Enter The World. Following his sound in other productions such as Inferno, Akimbo or Distancing.

The same Juelz shared through social networks that it was a new sound for him, what he had achieved with Pauline Herr. An explosive production with contagious rhythms, releasing the best of themselves, with the vocal interpretation of Pauline. Enjoy on all platforms the new collaboration of artists called Colours through Lowly Palace.

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