New Breed: Kayzo's Documentary

Kayzo reveals his long-awaited documentary "New Breed" capturing memories around the world that he is grateful for over the past few years.

We can say little other than to feel more than proud of the professional career of Hayden Capuozzo, better known as Kayzo. The producer has earned great recognition thanks to his effort and passion, becoming one of the relevant figures in the industry.

For some time, he reported through social networks that he was working on a documentary, creating a maximum expectation. In addition to being one of the most talented in electronic music, he is one of the closest to his fan base. He has shown it on many occasions and whenever he can, he will thank the fans for the great support they show him.

After several months of waiting and intrigue of when the long-awaited documentary would arrive, the time has finally come to see it. Under the name of New Breed, the producer captures different moments of his professional career, going back to Lollapalooza 2018, Coachella 2019 and the release of his album Unleashed.

Lasting 20 minutes, it starts with the beginning of Unleashed Tour, with a week left to start. Show as in Los Angeles is practicing with the band, including Frank zummo, drummer for Sum 41 and Street Drum Corps. The musician shares that he got a call to perform alongside him on an amazing show and brought in his Street Drum Corps drummers like Ettie, Jimmy, Justin & Snoddy.

On the day of the show, he did a Meet & Greet unusual to what we usually see among artists. Normally it is so that you take a photo with the artist and do not have just time to talk, instead with Kayzo is different. The producer shows a large group of fans the production of the show, how each one works and what is done during the event.

After showing his home and his father's work, he captures different memories, including the reunion of The Binches at HARD Summer, Parookaville, Ultra Japan and many more. One of the great moments was when Swedish House Mafia did not go to Ultra Korea, and he was in charge of closing the festival. The opportunity he deserved without a doubt.

One of the best artists we have today, enjoy through YouTube the documentary of Kayzo called New Breed.

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