Kayzo, Whales & Shiah Maisel do not stop pressing the «Replay» to their song

Kayzo & Whales release their long-awaited collaboration with Shiah Maisel under the name "Replay" through Welcome Records.

Recently it has been possible to enjoy one of the best moments of the professional career of Kayzo, with the launch of his documentary New Breed. A few weeks later and still without recovering from emotional encounters during the producer's career, he shares a long-awaited collaboration.

Hayden Capuozzo, known professionally as Kayzo and considered one of the best producers at this moment, collaborates with a brilliant artist. It's about producer Tal Rochman, better known as Whales, who in recent months released his debut album Pelagians on the record label of Excision Subsidia Records. Two artists with a forceful versatility, join forces together with Shiah Maisel, for the creation of Replay through Welcome Records.

Some time ago, Whales shared through social networks some collaborations he was working on and this was one of them. Two different styles, but united creating a sound design with elements of deadly rock, making use of vibrant vocals by Shiah Maisel, and playing guitar and drums. A production that can be played in all kinds of stages, combining the ability to be a weapon in any live event.

A new piece of music in the repertoire of Welcome Records by the founding artist Kayzo, together with Whales & Shiah Maisel in the production Replay, now available on all platforms.

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