Keltek & Devin Wild join forces for the third time with "Creature"

Keltek & Devin Wild team up again with their third collaboration called "Creature" via Scantraxx Records.

We talked in previous articles about the perfect combination when releasing a track. We recently commented on the release between Atmozfears & Demi Kanon, which was the fourth collaboration between the two. When two artists connect, the result is magnificent. Minds are interconnected and inspiration reaches unsuspected limits. Keltek & Devin Wild is once again one of those tandem that works so well with Creature.


Before talking about Creaturelet's talk about their first collaboration. We have to move to the celebration of the 15 years of Scantraxx. Devin Wild & Keltek, along with Adrenalize & Villain, presented Fifteen, which would become the original soundtrack of the event. A year later, both artists collaborated again together with In My Mind, a "breaker" who has already managed to overcome the half a million streams on Spotify.

Success, like anything in life, must be sought and if you know how to achieve it, the chances are greater. If collaborating both once and twice worked, another third too. More if you can count on one of the greatest voices on the hardstyle scene like Diandra Faye. Total protagonist in the track, she takes the melody into the background and transports us to a world dominated by the creatures of the night. Keltek and Devin Wild contribute their most characteristic elements and, in our opinion, merging into a single sound. The forcefulness of Devin Wild's kicks along with that pure Keltek melody. Haven't you heard it yet? Creature is now available at Spotify.

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