KELTEK closes the Qlimax saga with "The Alignment"

KELTEK ends the saga of chapters of Qlimax: The Source with The "Alignment", a track completely different from the other chapters.

After the appearances of Sub Zero Project, Phuture Noize , JDX with Headhunterz, Sefa y B-Front, Qlimax puts an end to its audiovisual experience with the release of "The Alignment", which you can fully enjoy through the platform Netflix.

Today, it is not common to see a such a long track like the one made by KELTEK. Today the scene "demands" short tracks, so that when it is played it will not be repeated. Interestingly, this is not the case. With a melodic and instrumental intro in equal parts in which the violin stands out, "The Alignment" grows stronger as the minutes go by. When it comes to the drop, it reminds us of Awaken. As if it were a roller coaster, the equator of the track reaches the strongest moment, leading to a melody that goes from 0 to 100 and ending with 2 even more emotional parts that make this track a masterpiece. In the Qlimax post-broadcast interview, KELTEK commented that the duration was originally going to be ... 15 minutes! and that has influences of the trance genre.

«The Alignment» marks the beginning of the year for KELTEK, who in 2020 surprised us with "Awaken", "Kingdom Comes" or the anthem of Intents Festival "Step Into The Game" next to B-Front. What will KELTEK be capable of in 2021? Do not lose sight of him in his social networks!

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