KILL SCRIPT releases his second EP "Virtual Environment"

American techno music artist KILL SCRIPT presents his second EP through the NIGHT MODE record label.

After his debut on the record label NIGHT MODE in 2020, KILL SCRIPT returns to present his new techno EP Virtual environment. His second release was made in NIGHT MODE in the month of May under the name First Contakt EP perfectly representing him project and what defines him.

We are facing an artist with a lot of talent, as he uploads progress of his songs, the greater is what is expected of him. The dj and producer tend to lean towards the sounds of the industrial techno making our experience like being in a club. The sound it represents is a blend of the elements of sci-fi and techno cinematography.


The EP under the name Virtual environment is composed of two songs: Genome Dial and Degrade Reflection, which are fast paced around 150 BPMs. Genome Dial is a song that from the beginning sounds hard hits of kick accompanied by distortions. Throughout the song there are parts of techno trance, the presence of synthesizers is also reflected.

Finally the second song Degrade Reflection the hard hits of the kick drum are continuous throughout the track combining them with different sounds produced by a synthesizer. In reference to the name the word Reflection is heard at various times.

Listen now on all platforms Virtual Environment EP by the producer KILL SCRIPT through NIGHT MODE.