Kliptic & RAZR bring out the best of them in «Retribution»

Kliptic & RAZR are working together to release an independent collaboration displaying the best of themselves with «Retribution».

The producers of Maryland, known professionally as kliptic & RAZR, enter the scene to collaborate on a massive independent single. The record label Later Tonight, focused on the search for emerging artists from the bass music, has excellent precision. The vast majority of artists from this family are beginning to see more and more the results of the effort they have had over the past year. Artists like AlienPark, kliptic, layz, extensive, TRAPTOR & RAZR, among others, are getting more and more support from great artists.

kliptic debuted on the record label of Excision Subsidia Records, with one of the best releases of the debut-release, Zeus. Likewise, without slowing down, he released new independent productions such as Fallen, further improving his sound design. And releasing through Emengy in volume 2 of Bass Dreams with his piece called fury. On the other hand Joel Hinch known professionally as RAZR debuted in Subsidia Records in the third installment of Night with extensive en Pop Off. Strengthening his clear and heavy sound in productions such as bustin. Receiving support not only from Excision, but from artists like Dion Timmer, Modestep o Dirtyphonics among others.

Both producers are somewhere in between to explode their collaboration called Retribution, displaying in it, the best of themselves.

Kliptic, RAZR, Retribution, Excision, Subsidia Records

With no support in between, they unleash an independent collaboration, once again showing the world what they are capable of. Retribution it opens between echoing elements of sound, giving freedom to the imagination of what revenge can mean. After that they do not beg too much and go straight to the build-up with a challenging phrase and macabre sounds before Let's go preceding heavy bass. The next drop is almost consistent with the first, intensifying destructive elements. For a moment there is a sinister calm but keeping you on your toes at the arrival of the last part of the song, where there the producers go without a leash and take out all the heavy artillery.

The professional careers of both artists have only just begun and they are already on the right track. Although they are launching productions independently, they have a hopeful future with the support of big names in the scene. You can listen to the new collaboration of Kliptic & RAZR called Retribution on all platforms.

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