KRISCHVN and Nxsty launch "Ketamine" at WAKAAN

KRISCHVN and Nxsty join forces to bring forth a collaboration called "Ketamine" through the WAKAAN label.

The artist known as KRISCHVN , of German origin, has joined this time with the Canadian nxsty, and thus launch their long-awaited collaboration. It had been playing for months on various sets of well-known artists. Among them, the leader of the seal Wakaan Records, where this track will come out. Liquid Stranger has repeatedly shown us the power of the track, as well as Boombox Cartel and even the parents of the track: KRISCHVN y nxsty.

The track contains a quite catchy melody, in which it shows us some melodic sounds of Arabic origin as an introduction. With more powerful hits, the drop breaks through and shows us a theme of Hybrid Trap characteristic of the Canadian artist, nxsty. Notably KRISCHVN it is not far behind, and within these characteristic sounds, it provides musical bursts. Resulting in a very powerful and forceful drop.

We can hear a good mix of characteristic touches from both artists and a most spectacular tune. Which we hope to hear many more times on sets, now that it has come out.

It is clear that the two artists want to continue giving life to their typical sounds that we are quite used to and in love with. Wakaan Records, keep climbing steps considerably fast in the scene bass and ranking among the greatest.

To keep track of both artists, we leave the Spotify of each one here (KRISCHVN y nxsty). We also include the Soundcloud of Wakaan Records, which does not plan to stop surprising us with its wonderful artists that compose it.