KVSH returns with «Bugs» to STMPD RCRDS with Exotique

KVSH returns to Martin Garrix's record label STMPD RCRDS for the release of his new production "Bugs" with Exotique.

Luciano Ferreira, known professionally as KVSH, is an artist Forbes Under 30, considered one of the most important names in Brazilian electronic music. With 540 million streams and 5.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, he has performed in Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza, in addition to tours in United States and Europe.

Off stage KVSH has started his own record label and production school, Lemon Drops, in addition to your own event Festa Krush. As he continues to celebrate the global viral success of his production on STMPD RCRDS sicko drop, KVSH does not stand still and has joined forces with Exotic for the song Bugs.

That is why he makes his return to the record label of Martin Garrix, for the release of a new smash hit. With the song Bugs, KVSH wants to address a common problem in the electronic music arena, being the misperception that being an electronic music artist does not require hard work or cannot be considered a serious profession. Because what DJ / producer has never heard: "Apart from being a DJ, do you work?"


The production Bugs, portrays the questioning of an enemy of the professionalism of the DJ. From the hater's point of view, the DJ is a "bug", something that annoys and irritates society. A plague that must be fought. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that being an electronic music artist doesn't require a lot of work.

He wants to show the reality, the effort and the hard work that it takes to be a professional DJ. He would like to turn the negative view of hater insignificance into something good and positive for the fans, who are the ones who really matter in the end.

Enjoy now on all platforms the new song of KVSH with Exotic, under the name of Bugs, through the record label of Martin Garrix STMPD RCRDS.

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