Last Heroes present "Finding Light" EP

Last Heroes present their most ambitious and personal project to date in their professional career through Ophelia Records.

Garret and Brian, professionally known as Last Heroes they return with a new, more personal job one year after launching Moments EP. Composed by 8 songs, one of the most melodic duos and who have made so much effort and dedication for this project, present Finding Light EP.

Last month of August They showed us a first taste of what we were going to find in this new work with the release of the first single by finding lights called «Love Like Us»Together with the incredible voice of RUN. The founder of Ophelia Records, Seven Lions, also showed it to thousands of spectators during your Live Stream en The Gorge Amphitheater.

The last sample before the launch was given to us in the month of September, a collaboration with the artist and vocalist Thunder, under the name of "Passing through«. In this song he already offered his followers a whole declaration of intentions of what this project entailed, inspiring work. They themselves claimed that it was a different song from their latest releases and that they wanted to continue experiencing all kinds of sounds. After these two songs we already have the remaining six available.

With the release of the rest of the EP, being «Daybreak»The intro of the EP and followed by songs like«Better for it" In collaboration with Clay finnesand, they keep the same inspiring melodies alongside the other two songs. «Atlas" beside Heather sommerWe can say that it is one of the best on the EP, where they put aside the melodies and focus on hard bass. Collaboration with Isaac warburton called forevermore, they put it during their first Livestream at Jason Ross' residence, The Atlas, being one of the most acclaimed during Streaming. «in my head»Is one of Finding Light's most melodic and sentimental songs, making a lot of use of the piano along with a very emotional and sentimental lyric, in collaboration with Woodlock. By last "A better day«, Maintains the same idea as Daybreak but this time, to finish the work of Last Heroes.

An emotional project, from melodies to hard basses, piano, emotional lyrics along with the voice of these artists to give fruit to finding lights, the second EP of Last Heroes. You can listen to it now on all music platforms.

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