Last Heroes release "Change It" with Liel Kolet for their EP

Last Heroes are working with singer-songwriter Liel Kolet to launch the production "Change It" through Ophelia Records.

A new full-length EP is coming on the record label of Seven Lions. Producers Garrett & Brian, known professionally as Last Heroes, are in the process of releasing a new EP, through Ophelia Records. Following the launch of one of their most ambitious projects to date as finding lights, they want to make a big mark again for this year.

They recently released with the singer-songwriter RUN, the first song that will make up this new EP, under the name of Knowing How To Break. Also, in early 2021, they remixed the production of gryffin called Safe With Me and they launched Getaway, together with Mondays. Now they present the second song of this new full-length EP, again on the record label of Seven Lions.

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They release the song named Change It, with a lot of background behind this production. They started with Change It almost two years ago, on the first visit they made in NY, with their friends Satellite Empire. Little by little this song became a reminder of the value of his friendships and relationships.

The singer-songwriter liel kolet, seemed like the perfect person to play the production, after working with her on naked soul. In recent weeks, she collaborated with mazare & Keepsake, to release an emotional Open Heart, for the project of mazare Paracosm EP through Monstercat.

They open the song with a heartbreaking guitar riff, coupled with the vocal performance of liel kolet, cracking your whole heart little by little. As the song is about to reach its climax, the voice of liel kolet, when the producers Last Heroes introduce various experimental elements and synths that will scorch you.

Listen to the second production of the next EP of Last Heroes, together with the singer-songwriter liel kolet called Change It through Ophelia Records.

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