Last Heroes & RUNN join forces in «Knowing How To Break»

Last Heroes begin the journey of a new project with the production "Knowing How To Break" collaborating with RUNN on Ophelia Records.

The duo formed between Garrett & Brian known professionally as Last Heroesreturn to Ophelia Records to start a new chapter. At the end of March they made an appearance for the first time in the year on the record label of Seven Lions for the release of Getaway and three months later they are back.

At the end of 2020 they released their most ambitious project to date called finding lights composed of a total of eight productions. In addition to collaborating for the first time with Trivecta & RUN in the song waiting for you. Once again, the producers count on the participation of the singer-songwriter to start this new journey in their professional career with the release of Knowing How To Break.

Last Heroes, RUNN

Apart from collaborating with Trivecta in the song waiting for you, the producers Last Heroes had the participation of RUN in one of the productions of finding lights, Love Like Us. She is a favorite on the record label of Seven Lions and melodic music without it would not be the same.

The first song with which this new chapter starts Last Heroes is Knowing How To Break with optimistic and shocking textures through the soft lyric. They add the melodic drops with the use of the guitar creating a very inspiring atmosphere.

Producers will be part of their friend's Tour Dabin this year in addition to being in festivals like Global Dance or Lost In Dreams. While we wait for more details about this new project, listen on all platforms Knowing How To Break.

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