Last Heroes wraps you in «Threads» EP

Last Heroes take another leap in their professional career by releasing "Threads" EP consisting of five productions through Ophelia Records.

The well-known producers, Garrett & Brian, under the name of Last Heroes, personify their entire musical experience, once again, in a new project. They have taken an exemplary course, and all the work they have done so far has seen the light, through the record label of Seven Lions.

Since they launched one of the most ambitious projects to date, Last Heroes have continued to cross borders. Without a doubt, Finding Light EP was a point of reflection, and from there, everything has improved greatly. They finished 2020, together with Trivecta in the production waiting for you displaying the best of them, and they do it again.

They started XNUMX in the best possible way, attending the Park 'N Rave of Jason Ross, where they premiered the remix to Gryffin. This remix was to become the first official release of the year by Last Heroes, the Safe With Me of Gryffin. Consequently, the new appearance they made in Ophelia Records, after closing the year with Waiting For You, it was for the launch of Getaway, with Lunis.

After production Getaway, in collaboration with Lunis, again had the participation of RUNN, for the launch of Knowing How To Break. Since that production, we all knew that a new chapter was beginning in the professional career of Last Heroes. After performing at festivals like Global Dance Festival, and confirmations in events such as Lost In Dreams & Nocturnal Wonderland of Insomniac Events, they launched a new production.

This time in collaboration with the singer-songwriter liel kolet, they surprised again with a second song called Change It. Days later they revealed the title of the full-length EP, under the name of Threads, as well as the tracklist, creating a great expectation. Finally, the wait is over and he is completely released Threads EP through Ophelia Records.

Last Heroes, Threads EP, Ophelia Records, Seven Lions

A new full-length EP, made up of a total of five productions, compiled in Threads. This is the next part of the story of Last Heroes, reflecting on the positive aspects of their lives, acknowledging the uncertainty of what is to come. With each project, they hope to share a part of themselves and hopefully give everyone something to connect with as well.

The first song of all is Change It, which was composed almost two years ago, on the producers' first visit to New York. This production became a reminder for them, about the value of their friendships. Then, liel kolet seemed to be the perfect person to convey what they wanted, having previously worked with her. They continue with one of the favorite singer-songwriters in the electronic music industry, RUN, in the second song, Knowing How To Break, with which they started Threads EP.

They carry on with the main song, Threads, through the upward journey adding ambient and downtempo elements. A sea of ​​sensations, while they surround you between vibrant soundscapes, full of patterns full of nature and calm. Moreover, in the fourth song Always like this, have the participation of the singer-songwriter Mark Keyver, personifying even more the abstract sensations they want to convey to us. Culminating with Limits, introducing omnipresent voices, as if you are in the process of immersing yourself in an unprecedented astral journey.

With the production of clean and characteristic melodic bass that Last Heroes possess, are propelled with Threads EP even further with this musical repertoire. A full-length EP, with a great background and message, to not only try to connect with themselves, but to make all of us do it together with them. Enjoy now Threads EP, on all digital platforms.

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