Leotrix shows us "Out Of Order" EP on Never Say Die Records

Leotrix has clear ideas and wants to leave us "Out Of Order" with his new four-track EP through the Never Say Die Records label.

With barely 20 years old, the young Australian has shown on many occasions what his intentions are within the scene Bass: let your music predominate and stand out the more, the better. Ethan Wright, or better known as Leotrix for all, he has very clear ideas and the fact is that his productions speak for themselves, highlighting their generous quality to create new sounds and auditory pumps.

Scandalously entering the electronic scene, with the release of hive EP in the finished NSD: Black Label; followed by collaborations with Moody Good or even Dirty-Audio, known as crack shot or Bahebe, respectively; another predominant 6-track compilation on NSD: Black Label nicknamed with the name of Gremlins EP; Collapse EP released through the famous label Disciple Round Table; Visions of the Leo EP in this same year showed its more melodic side or premiered for the first time in NIGHT MODE Records with Honest Trax EP.

At just 20 years old, he has the support of great world-class artists such as KayzoZeds DeadSubtronicsNGHTMRE or Virtual Riot, to name just a few. This is why the young Australian is raffled off in the best labels in the world. And this time, the occasion has come to stand out again in Never Say Die Records.

Leotrix, Out Of Order EP, Never Say Die Records

Out Of Order EP is made up of a total of 4 songs, totally remarkable, one after another. Thrown through Never Say Die Records, the young man born in Sydney wants to put the cards back on the table, show that he is still here and that we are going to have Leotrix to bore.

Starting with a collaboration with the voice of AGES, his first track on the EP is called Jump. A combination between the lyrics rapped by the singer and the hypnotic base created by Leotrix, a symbiosis worthy of appreciation is generated.

Then and wanting to show what it really looks like, comes the second song called Crash Report. Melody together with power, a slow but well established rhythm, thanks to the elasticity of the young Australian in combining different styles in the same composition.

Out of order it's a bit more different from the rest of the songs on the EP. Harder and faster speed. Maintaining the essence of the artist in each of his productions, he offers us a new attractive listening experience from start to finish.

Finally, Leotrix offers us a new music masterpiece Bass. Counting a distorted vowel in pre-drop, it looms us into an explosion of abstract and electric sounds. tins It is the name it has received and the combination of melody and the roughness of the Bass, demonstrate the enormous range of possibilities that the artist before our ears can offer us.

You can now enjoy on all digital platforms the new compilation of four tracks by Leotrix, under the name of Out Of Order EP, sent to us via Never Say Die Records.