Leotrix returns to the fray with "Visions Of The Leo" EP

Leotrix, one of the most relevant artists of the moment, returns to the fray with his new project "Visions Of The Leo" EP

We cannot deny the great start to the year that Leotrix is ​​making with only 20 years. With nothing less than an EP next to the label Black Label: NSD and his collab next to The Caracal Project. Leotrix is ​​giving a lot to talk about and has wanted to show more content, releasing the second EP of the year »Visions Of The Leo».

It is not the first time we have seen the Autraliano for Disciple Records, several months ago we saw him debut in the sub-label with Collapse EP. This project was released through »Disciple Round Table» and as a result we got good reviews from the public. This time for the main label, with the opportunity to become known and take the great leap into the world of dubstep.

For those who wonder who Leotrix is, he is a Dj and producer who is standing out thanks to his unique style. It became known thanks to hive EP, the first project launched by Black Label: NSD. And gave the boom with Hive bounce, track that is currently recognized worldwide. And that, as a result of his great effort, we are seeing him in his maximum splendor collaborating with the best labels on the scene. Cyclops Recordings o Halcyon. In addition to producing with high-standing artists such as TYNAN, Moore Kismet, Dirty Audio or Aweminus.

Visions Of The Leo It is composed of 5 songs, in which it shows us a content other than Round III EP. In the new project of Leotrix, we see that he has drawn for the melodic, as we saw him previously with his theme emoboy303 . Said song released by Halcyon, had an incredible repercussion, surpassing the 350.000 views on Spotify. After these high numbers and the demand from the public, Leotrix He has given us a great gift with this compilation. And we can say without any doubt that "Visions Of The Leo" could be the future of the riddim of these next few years.

We start with the topic that has stood out the most "Sight". The theme begins with a distorted melody, in which as the song progresses, it begins to gather strength. At the time of the drop we can hear the melody in his maximum affinity, accompanied by futuristic sounds and a polyriddim base. Then we meet Oh yeah, riddim track with dark and low sounds, accompanied by sharp and happy melodies that gives us Halcyon vibes.

Third we have »Lovin u», Which has been highlighted by the combination of vowels together with some piano melodies that play in the background. In which they show us a softer drop than those we have heard before but without losing that unique essence of Leotrix.

And finally we have »start new», A subject that has surprised us a lot because it is different from the others. Since it has attracted attention for the powerful bass accompanied by strange and at the same time pleasant sound that transmits good vibes to us. In addition to calm and serenity.

'Visions Of The Leo' is now available at Spotify.