Liquid Stranger & LUZCID release "Snow Melt" on SSKWAN

Liquid Stranger works with LUZCID to launch their collaboration called "Snow Melt" through SSKWAN.

The founder of the record labels WAKAAN & SSKWAN is back for the release of his second song of the year. Considered one of the best producers of Downtempo, Liquid Stranger debuts on his alternate record label with the first production.

After the explosive release he had solo in early April with The Drill, surprising all his followers, he makes his mark again this year. Apart from the music, the management that he carries out with both record labels is more than valuing. The roster that owns the vast majority of live events includes a significant number of producers from WAKAAN. Currently they could be considered as one of the best record labels in the industry.

Liquid Stranger, LUZCID, SSKWAN, Snow Melt

Collaborate with his friend LUZCID, which already made his debut on the record label SSKWAN for the release of light stream. As usual, getting incredible support from the whole family that surrounds this music. Both producers have experimented on the song called Snow Melt.

Join forces with one of the psychedelic bass figures as LUZCID, the production takes on an uncompromising free form for an introspective experience. Snow Melt it feels like you are actually feeling it in a liquid form. All this liquid, never better said with the appearance of Liquid Stranger, they fall into a sea that makes everything around it vibrate, in this case vibrating your whole body.

A song to feel the liberation with oneself, to be at peace even for the four minutes of duration. It is to have for a moment that well-being that we need every day and the producers have made us reflect it in Snow Melt. Yet another proof that they are two of the best sound designers.

Enjoy on all platforms the new cut of Liquid Stranger & LUZCID for the alternate record label of WAKAAN. The Snow Melt production is now available through SSKWAN.

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