Lost Lands makes a dream Line Up for 2021

Lost Lands announces the lineup that will make up its next edition in Legend Valley from September 24-26, 2021.

There is nothing more important than creating a community and creating ties between all the people involved in the same work. This will always make you prosper and each of these people help each other to achieve their goals in the most efficient way possible. It has been accomplished in less than a year and they have all seen the payoff.

Since Excision had planned the broadcast of Couch Lands to announce Subsidia Records, the whole scene was fully involved. Not only the artists, but the fans also created a stronger bond than they already had with all of them. These ties not only have Subsidia Records, can be seen daily on different record labels, looking like a real family united by the love of music.

- Excision and he, have continued working to give the best fan experience for months, and they have succeeded. They have kicked off the producer's tour, as well as providing fans with a prior experience Bass Canyon & Lost Lands. A festival that serves as Reunion to reunite all the fans of bass music after such a long time and announce the Line Up of Lostlands 2021.

Lost Lands

This year's edition will possibly be the best of the previous ones, and not only because of the line-up it has. All the artists that are in the Line Up have worked so hard in the last few months, and they are all practically friends. The satisfaction they have shown of having a place here is more than enough. Already said Sullivan King: Lost Lands It is not a competition, we are all friends here and we come to enjoy.

This new experience of Reunion will come to nothing with what will be re-lived in Legend Valley this September. The Line Up was announced on the main stage LED screen, and among them are: 12th Planet, Adventure Club, ARMNHMR, ATLiens, Barely Alive, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Delta Heavy, Dion Timmer, Dr. Fresch, G Jones, Downlink DnB Set, Getter, GRiZ, Lucii, Kaivon, Kompany, MitiS or Modestep. Plus Liquid Stranger, Kai Wachi, NGHTMRE, PEEKABOO, LSDREAM, SLANDER, Space Laces, PasheOne, Subtronics, Svdden Death Presents VOYD, Sullivan King, Virtual Riot, Wooli and Zomboy.

The best of all are not the names that have appeared at the top in the Line Up, but the ones below that will give life to this experience. All of them are the ones who have worked so hard to earn themselves there this year. Since The Arcturians, Ace Aura, Ahee, Akeos, Amidy, Au5, Benda, Blanke, Buku, Calcium, Canabliss, Chassi, Champagne Drip, Crystal Skies, Fancy Monster, Gl0bal or Hydraulix. As well as JEANIE, Jessica Audiffred, Layz, LEV3L, Trivecta, Level Up, SWARM, N3WPORT, Lick, Lizzy Jane, Mize, MONXX, Ray Volpe, Sippy, Vampa, ZíA, yetep and Whales.

A community gathered with all the fans to enjoy the best edition in the history of Lost Lands in September 2021. Artists and fans will come together after such a long time to spend one of the best weekends of the year. For more information, visit the official page of Lost Lands.

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