Lucas & Steve don't slow down and release "Do You Want Me"

Lucas & Steve continue with a good rhythm of releases and, after their debut album "Letters To Remember", now they release their new song "Do You Want Me".

When we could enjoy the festivals live, it was always interesting to see Lucas & Steve. His sets are usually made up of a lots of own songs or remixes and some unpublished topic. When it seemed that with his first album "Letters To Remember« they would lower the rate of releases, they surprise us with a new one.

Is about "Do you want me«, Which they wanted to premiere as an intro on their recent set in a factory of the DHL parcel company. This set is the third in a series of sets called «Lunch Break Mix»That the duo wanted to do from the premise that, as they have no performances, they need to find alternative jobs. By now we have seen them prod at a Domino's while they made some pizzas, at an Athlete's Foot store while they were selling clothes and finally the set at DHL.

The launch is, once again, through the important label Spinnin' Records. This establishes them as one of the biggest current representatives of the label. And they sure will continue to be, since Lucas & Steve still have several unreleased songs to be released, most likely via Spinnin 'as well.

Meanwhile you can enjoy this «Do you want me»On digital platforms.

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