Lucii Releases Her Long-awaited "WICKED EP" On WAKAAN

Lucii releases the long-awaited "WICKED EP" with which she has had all the fans wanting it since the first song "Till The Day I Die."

One of the artists who has improved so much in the last year, is fully consolidated in WAKAAN with EP. Lucii presents in the stamp of Liquid Stranger one of his most sentimental and intimate works, «WICKED-EP«.

The first thing the artist could show us about her EP it was one of the toughest songs, sentimentally speaking, that he has produced. We talk about "Till The Day I Die«, The first song that Lucii launched from «WICKED-EP«. In which the artist undressed completely, metaphorically speaking, with a sentimental lyric in a dark time that we are living.

El EP is composed of four songs, being «Spell","Till The Day I Die", wonky" and finally "Vibe«. The artist explained what it means to launch this work through her social networks, excited for the launch. For Lucii Halloween season has always been an inspiration. Since she was little, assuring it at the same time that in her ad she published a photo of her in her childhood. She felt free to express herself each year by dressing up and going door to door asking for treats. WICKED-EP has been inspired by Halloween in which he shows the dark and spooky side of his favorite parties.

Each song has a meaning assures the artist. «Spell"It's a dark song about toxic love and being trapped in it."Vibe»Is about letting go and not feeling anything other than happiness. «Till The Day I DieIs what Sally would have sung to Jack in Nightmare before Christmas. By last "wonky«, One of the heavy songs next to POINT.BLANK, that the fans have been waiting so long. A work carried out with passion to which Lucii has dedicated to all her fans.

You can already listen to the new work of Lucii en WAKAAN called WICKED-EP, on all music platforms.

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