Mako releases "Ocelot", the last track before "Fable"

Mako presents the last song, before the release of his sophomore album 'Fable', under the name 'Ocelot'.

This is the last brushstrokes before the release of the sophomore album by one of the most versatile and creative artists on the scene. Alex Seaver, professionally known as Mako, He already left us the first sample of his next album «Fable»With the first single called Again.

After a month of its release, the artist continues to prepare everything necessary for the release of his album and presents the last song before Fable.

In this new and last installment before the launch of Fable, Mako presents an indie production with pop influences in which he opens the song with a guitar riff. As we are used to, alex seaver he is the one who provides the voice and writes the lyrics for his own productions, making himself a versatile artist.

“I started the idea for Fable on a rather unusual and meaningful trip to Norway, literally kept on an empty farm for a while. Everything was intense and thoughtful at the time. My close friends made a surprise trip to meet me in Stockholm after I finished; There is not much to say here, except a few legendary holidays. This song was written about that pauIt's on the ride, with us running around town doing God knows what. I love Fable because I personally feel like it's such a contagious side note in a rather bleak and deliberate collection of songs, which is just what that week in Sweden meant to me.

Many people and us included, we follow Mako for many years. If we look back on his hit "Our Story," even though he was a duet with Logan at the time, we've seen Alex progressively evolve. As a musician, songwriter and producer, he is an example of an artist that only you set the limit. It has not stuck in any particular genre, Mako It has not changed, it has evolved.

His sophomore album Fable will be available next 18 de December. Until then you can enjoy its new release on all platforms Ocelot.

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