Spinnin 'Records wins Martin Garrix case

The Leeuwarden High Court ruled on appeal that Martin Garrix had no legal right to break their agreements.

En 2015 Martin Garrix parted ways with Spinnin 'Records with the Music All Stars company, being Eelko van Kooten owner of both at that time. Two years later, Martin Garrix won the lawsuit filed in relation to the rights to his music, which he recovered. After the trial Spinnin 'appealed to the Lelystad court.

One day before Christmas the Leeuwarden High Court ruled on the case between Martin Garrix and Spinnin 'Records, in favor of Spinnin 'Records.

"Leeuwarden High Court ruled on appeal that Martin Garrix had no legal right to prematurely break his agreements with Spinnin 'Records and Music All Stars Management"

The consequences have not yet been determined although he will have to pay compensation, both to Spinnin 'Records and Music All Star, although the amount has yet to be decided. On the other hand Eelko van Kooten happy about the victory in the legal dispute wishes Martin Garrix the best for him.

“I am delighted with the High Court's decision that we made valid agreements with Martijn at that time, which should have been respected. This statement confirms that the accusation of deception or fraud was unjustified. Although I have since sold Spinnin Records and Music All Stars Management, those allegations were also directed at me personally. I look back with pride at the successful collaboration with Martijn and wish him the best in his future career »

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