Masters of Hardcore postpones 25th anniversary to September 2021

The Hardcore festival indoor par excellence proposes September 4, 2021 as the new date to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The event space brabanthallen will have to wait a few more months to host the well-known festival mastersofhardcore, since it has been announced that it will not be held in the next month of March. Virtually the entire old continent is facing the third wave of the COVID-19. Due to this event, the Dutch regulations and that 30.000 people of different nationalities would gather at the festival, the production company Art of Dance, you have decided to change the event date back to September 4 2021.

The organization, Art of Dance, has confirmed that the line up it will remain the same as it was published last year. On the other hand, the same production company has announced that those people who do not intend to attend the 25th anniversary may request a Return or a coupon. Meanwhile, Art of Dance trusts that the Dutch government will grant them the licenses in order to celebrate Masters of Hardcore in the summer of 2021.