Matt Nash reveals with "Half Human" his debut album on STMPD RCRDS

Matt Nash reveals his debut album called "Half Human" consisting of a total of twelve productions through STMPD RCRDS.

Matt Nash head headlong into the future through its distinctive futuristic sound, continuing to soar due to his prowess and abilities. Blessed with instinctive listening skills, the career of Matt Nash has since continued on a meteoric upward trajectory. That is why he takes a huge leap in his professional career with the release of his debut album: Half Human.

Since last May, we have continued the journey towards the producer's first album, which is released on the record label of Martin Garrix. He began this great trajectory to achieve glory with the song Ready or Not, to other releases like losing my mindand also Now or Never.

Following previous releases, Matt Nash reveals to the world his debut album composed of a total of twelve pieces through STMPD RCRDS.

STMPD RCRDS, Matt Nash, Half Human

With over 90 million views in his career to date, Matt Nash is finally releasing his long-awaited debut album Half Human. It combines a unique blend between the organic style of the characteristic metal sound of Matt Nash. Along with futuristic electronic production, the album serves as an ode to modern life. With more of us connected through technology than ever.

The fact that tours were stopped during the pandemic presented the advantage for Matt Nash to have more study time than ever. It allowed him to immerse himself in an experiment with sounds, melodies and different energies that eventually led him to Half Human, a body of work that truly represents you. Embracing our lives between social media and the digital revolution. The things that make us human, like the euphoria of music, Half Human is made up of a variety of voice-driven tracks.

He really had the creative time and space during the pandemic to explore sounds that are not unique to the club or festival. He really focused on the melodies and just got lost in the process. Ever since he started making music, he had always dreamed of releasing an album. He definitely felt more connected to his music more than ever in recent times. He believes this helped him add great depth and meaning behind Half Human.

The album opens with lose it all, which was played by Martin Garrix during his Set Dutch Waters, without a doubt one of the most anticipated unreleased songs. We continue to escape an immersive reality thanks to the powerful song You’re Not Alone. Reaching the same sky with roof tops, in cooperation with Leo Stannard, and enter another dimension due to losing my mind, while giving the Midnight, together with luke marx. Emotions start to catch fire with Now or Never, besides Ready or Not, together with the singer-songwriter Nikki Ambers. Throughout this trip the melodies play a fundamental role, as well as the vowels and is noted in Wasted Love, with an imposing force by Alessia Labate and power of VI·DA.

In ninth place, we enter a totally different design from the previous ones with Kryptonite, full of emotions with the cooperation of Mojo & Lucas ariel. Subsequently, we adhere to a sea of ​​sensations thanks to Be here, Human & Otherside, grasping the fundamentals of Half Human.

Listen to the debut album of Matt Nash called Half Human through the record label of Martin Garrix STMPD RCRDS.

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