Mayze X Faria presents a new streaming under the name of «Originals»

Mayze X Faria present us an exclusive live set from Braga with 9 new songs that they have been working on in recent months.

The duo Mayze x faria, which combines culture and music through X Places, spent the last 3 months in the studio producing new music. A pure sound in which the urban meets the soul and in which the consistency of the melody prepares a new path in the production of the emerging Portuguese duo on the international scene.  

Last Saturday, December 26, they made known to the world 9IDs in a new adventure for the duo to end this tragic 2020. From Braga, the city that accompanied its birth and growth, the Portuguese duo revealed these themes and teleported us through a musical journeyl in which they unveiled their production chameleon.

We leave you with the complete set of "Originals".

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