Mazare & Keepsake release an emotional «Open Heart» with Liel Kolet

Mazare collaborates with Keepsake & Liel Kolet for the release of his second production «Open Heart» for his next EP on Monstercat.

Massimo Pezzetta, known professionally as mazare, is back to offer a new piece of his imminent project. The producer is currently in the process of releasing an EP, made up of a total of five productions through Monstercat. In 2019, he signed with the Canadian record label, providing a unique sound design focused on the Drum 'N Bass.

At the end of March, mazare he was back in the game, collaborating with James & Joey from the English Rock band bloodhounds, to liberate Wake Up. This being the first song of the five that will make up the producer's new EP in Monstercat. A month after Wake Up, release the second, generating more expectation and desire to see this project.

Mazare, Keepsake, Liel Kolet, Monstercat. Open heart

Mazare was honest with us, mentioning that he was not a fan of instrumental music and therefore, this EP will be composed with collaborations and different vocalists. In this second show that he launches to the world, he collaborates with Richard Caddock, from Manchester, United Kingdom. The producer debuted on the Canadian label in 2014 with the release Orbit by W.R.L.D.. He has made numerous appearances on Monstercat while undergoing multiple surgeries due to hearing problems. Now he's diving into a new project, releasing music like Keepsake to bring hope to listeners fighting their own battles, he clarifies.

Both producers work alongside the singer-songwriter liel kolet, from Los Angeles, for the release of Open Heart. The track comes to life instantly, creating a soundscape, to later introduce a guitar melting into memories with the lyrics and vocals of lil. They instill vibrations as if you were inside a movie, imagining that you are on a trip surrounded by good feelings. The beautiful ones stand up, because it is a production that releases thousands of emotions and of course, to open the hearts of the listeners.

This is the second production of the five that will make up the new EP of Mazare on Monstercat. While we wait, you can listen on all platforms his collaboration with Keepsake & Liel Koletcall Open Heart.

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