Mazare releases his first EP "Paracosm" on Monstercat

Mazare releases his first extended play called "Paracosm" with a total of five productions through the Monstercat record label.

We really wanted this day to come, when one of the best sound designers would release his very first EP. Massimo Pezzetta, better known as mazare and without a doubt, one of the best producers at this moment, returns to Monstercat to mark a before and after in his professional career.

At the end of April of this year, mazare released the first song that would compose this first EP, collaborating with bloodhounds. Like a huge fan of Rock music, the Italian producer released the song Wake Up. Later, mazare stated that the extended play would be made up of a total of five productions. The second song he featured was a very emotional collaboration called Open Heart with Keepsake & liel kolet.

It was known that the extended play would arrive in June but no further details. It was then that on May 31, the long-awaited announcement was revealed. The title of the first EP of mazare is Paracosm and the release date is June 7, 2021, being the first extended play in his career.

Mazare, Paracosm, Monstercat

Through Monstercat he is pleased to present a new chapter in his career with Paracosm EP. Composed of five productions starting with the first released: Wake Up & Open Heart. Three new songs follow and as he informed us, through collaborations.

In the third production called scared with Machine age, formed by Adrián Mauro & Dylan Stewart. They make an accurate piece maintaining the sound design with elements of Rock, including this time the drums by Dylan and the vocal performance by Adrián. In the fourth cut he collaborates with the British band Saint Agnes for production Light It Up. They are chilling, dynamic and hypnotic that make punk horror and trash-metal. The song feels very upbeat and the way they open the production with the riff, it grabs the listener's attention from the first second.

Finally, collaborate with one of the best producers at this moment, CloudNone. Two artists with a totally different sound design but who ended up shining in the song Promises. A combination of sounds, managing to create something innovative and above all, a part not seen until then by Mazare & CloudNone.

Mazare has shared that the word paracosm literally means imaginary world, and it is something that generally originates during childhood; it has definite rules, history, geography, and language, and can incorporate elements from reality and everyday life, as well as fictional characters and characteristics. With this title he wanted to reflect the various styles and genres that he explored in this work, and his general tendency as a producer. It also ties into the story he's telling through his song artwork, but this is something fans will discover as we go along.

More than happy with the result of mazare on his first EP and through one of the best record labels such as Monstercat. Enjoy the five productions of Paracosm EP, already available on all platforms.

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