Minus Is More Announces 3 Sublabels: Specials, The Apprentice & Hardcore

Minus is More expands by announcing the launch of three new sublabels called Specials, The Apprentice & Hardcore.

In 2008, Minus Is More It was founded and over the years the best artists on the scene have gathered Hard. From Act of Rage, Chain Reaction, Crypsis, High Voltage to Luna, Minus Militia, Nolz & Radical Redemption. The founder was Luna, with the aim of creating a sound vision, with an innovative, authentic and free mentality. As an independent group of artists they believe that musical progression is only possible with an artistic and profound intention.

Today, April 1, 2021, with the aim of continuing to expand, they give a real blow to the table, to the point of breaking it. Minus Is More announces the launch of three new sublabels: Minus is More Specials, Minus is More The Apprentice & Minus is Hardcore.

Minus Is More

Minus Is More Specials will be home to sonic projects that shine with integrity and exclusiveness. This segment will be dedicated to portraying the most memorable releases with style and class. They believe that true and timeless quality knows no boundaries, which is why this sublabel is incorporated into the heritage Minus Is More.

Minus Is More The Apprentice It will be the home of the next heroes of the Hardstyle. Not only will the founders shine on the label, but they also aim to nurture and pave the way for new artists and provide a face for tomorrow.

Minus Is Hardcore it will be the home where the terms of sound design and tempo will not be known. In this segment the melodies will be displayed Hardcore most devastating and furious team without any remorse.

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